The Birthplace of the Tattoo

Samoa is known as the birthplace of the tattoo. It is an art that has been handed down for thousands of years. Traditionally it was done with a filed boars tusk, which has now been replaced with titanium needles fashioned in the same shape. The tools vary in size to produce the many intricate designs….

Six Months already

I have spent 6 months in the country of Samoa. Life moves at a much slower pace, which gives you adequate time to reflect. Sitting here now I am realizing how much I have begun change. After a period of time in a third world country you begin to see your old indulges slip away….

The Tausala

In most cases schools are not well funded. This forces the school committee to be creative in ways to raise funds for supplies and upkeep. The most common fundraiser in Samoa is called a Tausala. They are hosted by schools, families, and churches regularly. The event tends to be rather interesting as it involves people…