Photo Recap: March

This is the first installment of what will become a monthly post. I will simply use pictures and captions to recap the shenanigans in which I was involved over those 4 weeks. March has come and gone! My Aunt Carol was here for the majority of it living and teaching at my school with me….

A Crash Course in Samoan Cuisine

Samoan cuisine is not world-renowned, nor is it something particularly wowing. It’s charming quality is in its simplicity. Dishes are commonly made from a few hand picked ingredients, which are either boiled or cooked on the “umu.” Every dish can easily be prepared with a minimal amount of kitchenware, or none at all. The majority…

Sei What? 

Sei: a flower worn in the hair or ear  A trend we all recognize is women of all ages decorating their hair with beautiful flowers. This practice has been taking place here in Samoa for as long as anyone can remember. A sei can be worn in several ways and isn’t reserved only for women….

Oh the people you will meet

Samoa is not the best known tourist destination in the world. In order to visit you really have to go out of your way to get to here. On rare occasions I am able to travel around the island. Relaxing and taking in the beauty of Samoa is always great, but I also enjoy meeting…