Photo Recap: March


This is the first installment of what will become a monthly post. I will simply use pictures and captions to recap the shenanigans in which I was involved

over those 4 weeks. March has come and gone! My Aunt Carol was here for the majority of it living and teaching at my school with me. With her here we were able to rent a car and travel around Upolu and Savai’i (the main two islands of Samoa). I have been here for 18 months and this was my first time traveling around Savai’i, so needless to say it was exciting.

I first showed her around Upolu with a some other volunteers. Above you can see our pit stops. The top left/right: Sopoaga falls. Top right: Fagaloa Bay. Bottom left: Piula Cave Pool. Bottom Right: Fao Fao Beach Fales.

We had a wonderful time swimming and catching the evening entertainment at Fao Fao Beach Fales. We were planning on hitting a few more sites, but unfortunately time was not on our side.

A few weeks later we took the ferry to Savai’i….


We rented a car once again and blazed a path around the island. My favorite stop is what you see above, Falealupo. Off the paved road in the far Northwestern side of the island is where you will discover some of the most beautiful sights of Samoa.

Top left: Lava tube near A’opo. Top Right: the coast of Falealupo tai. Bottom: waiting for the ferry.

Every two weeks the school uses Friday afternoon for sports day. The school is broken up into 4 “houses” in which they compete against each other. The majority of the competitions are similar to those found at field day.

Random pictures from life at home:


Below: My host grandmother’s 86th birthday!!!


A starry sky I will certainly miss when I leave this beautiful island.


On Aunt Carol’s final day she was presented many gifts from the teachers and parents as is custom. Once all the women adorned her with her gifts she was made to dance in front of all the students. It was a pleasure to have her here and to share a bit of my world with her. My staff absolutely adored her and appreciated all she was able to accomplish in a short amount of time. Thank you for visiting Aunt Carol. Look forward to seeing you upon my return home!

Lastly, I leave you with the chicken I chased around our beach fale for fun.



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