Photo Recap: April

April was an adventurous and fast paced month. Sights were scene, waterfalls were jumped off of, and my parents made their way to Samoa for the second time! The month felt like I was on the go, go, go!

The beginning of the month started with round two on the waterfall hike. Victoria, myself and several other volunteers braved the Vai o Sina and its many falls. The four hour hike takes you through dense rainforest and offers you the chance to jump from many precarious places. The final waterfall (seen in the top left) stands at 20 meters. It is a true adversary and beckons you to jump off of her. I was not one to turn down the offer, which led me to reach a new personal best in cliff jumping.

The hike offers a wonderful view of the local flora, such as these giant fern trees.
School closed for a two week break in mid April. The first Saturday of this break my parents arrived for a vacation. We spent the next 8 days galavanting across Upolu and Savai’i. We lounged at the cave pools, visited the overlook of Fagaloa bay, and of course ate some rather delicious food.

Above you see the traditional fire knife dancing popular in many culture shows around the Pacific. Known as Siva Afi here in Samoa is powerful and yet graceful dance conducted by brave men. The wrapped knives are set ablaze then twirled, thrown, and even set upon their feet. It is a truly impressive site to see. We were able to enjoy the traditional show at Return to Paradise Resort.

Near the end of the week we traveled to the big island of Savai’i. My parents weren’t able to visit this isle last year, so they were extremely excited. We rented a car and spent an entire day taking in its natural beauty. The majority of my pictures come from Falealupo Tai, which in my opinion maybe the most beautiful area of Samoa. It is located on the remote Northern tip of the island and is full of scenic beaches, rich cultural stories, and a vast amount of stunning views a person can handle.

The ruins of a church left in the wake of a cyclone.

Beach bum cows were spotted along the drive.

A sandy road traversing through paradise.

An ancient mound left long ago with little known knowledge about its purpose.

After Falealupo we darted to the other must do’s of Savai’i like the blow holes, peering at the sea arch, and swimming at the waterfall. The evening was spent back at our lodging in Manase with its crystal clear waters and sparkling white sand. The week was a perfect refresher moving into another term of school. It was wonderful to see my parents, as I won’t see them again until Christmas when I return home.

Sunset at Manase


FullSizeRenderThe final week of April was a conglomerate of fun. Victoria braved the tap and received a traditional Samoan tattoo. School also kicked with bang as my host father found some old boxing gloves hanging around. At lunch one day he let the kids have fun and duke it out with each other. My host father watched closely to ensure their safety, but it was quite a spectacle knowing it would never fly in the States. Lastly, I was able to scuba dive in the ever so stunning Fagaloa bay. Unfortunately, I was unable to snag photos of the dive itself, but the bay is never coy. She always gives a good view rain or shine.





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