Photo recap: May 

View from atop Mt. Vaea 

Here we are at the end of another month. It is unbelievable how fast May flew by. Teaching has been great this term as my students have been diving into writing techniques and learning about the environment. Rugby season was also a focal point of this month as our school was competing in a regional tournament. We weren’t able to squeak out a win, but I was extremely proud of the boys progression throughout their play. Outside of school I have been able to fit in a few adventures. I went scuba diving with a few other volunteers, braved the rising flood waters of Apia, and hiked Mt. Vaea. Another month in the books, let’s check out the pictures!


img_1637I teach English and Science in year 8. (grade 7) The year 8 teacher and I have been working well together across other subjects as well . We have had great partnership throughout the first half of the year. A few weeks ago she informed me she was departing to become a principal at another school. I knew she was applying for the position, but I was secretly hoping because she is a fantastic teacher. I am extremely proud of her nonetheless and hope her the best. Last week the school gave her a formal farewell Samoan style. Gifts were exchanged, a feast was prepared, the students payed their respects, and many tears were shed.



Our school put together a team that could resemble the Bad News Bears. We may not be successful, but we made up for it in character. Over 4 weeks we played 4 different schools. The boys weren’t able to get a win, but they gave it their all and that is a what matters. Check out the action:


Lazy Afternoons

After school is a very low key part of the day. Usually you can find me taking long walks or watching the kids play. Here a few pictures from such afternoons:


Little ones!

Many of you know my pup, Egg. I guess she is no longer a pup as she just had her first litter of puppies. The compound is filled with the little buggers now as Brittany also gave birth. There is just too much cuteness going around.

A unique visit by SolarSPELL

To round out the month I received some special guests. The SolarSPELL team arrived all the way from Arizona State University. This team is developing an all in one collective of resources that can be used by Peace Corps volunteers all over the world. It is a simple wifi connected device, which allows people to connect and pull content from it. The kicker is that it is recharged using a solar panel, hence the name! It was wonderful hosting them and answering their questions. Here is a video about their time in Samoa.

(look out for a certain handsome bald guy)



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