Photo Recap: June

I apologize for my tardiness. The first several weeks of July have been quite busy with visitors, meetings, and sickness but don’t worry I’ll cover all that in our next edition of Photo Recap. This month was not overly exciting or packed with marvelous adventures, but a few happenings my turn your heads a tad. June can be seen as the month of sport. I was able to attend several professional/ national team rugby games and assist in coaching our multiple cricket teams. My most notable event of the month was the trip I took to the island of Apolima with my friend Craig. I will show a few pictures, but for the story itself, you’re just going to have to wait a little longer. Okay! without further a do, let’s look at some photos.


The majority of my school was constructed only a few years ago with the help of the Japanese government. Japan paid for all the building materials, but not for the construction. For four years now the school committee has slowly been chipping away at the debt, which was obtained to pay for the construction. The school has used a variety of fundraisers such as tausalas (if you remember that story, if not check it out) and bingo. The parents have now begun hosting BBQ days at the school. Everyone chips in food and a pair of hands to sell BBQ plates roadside. This has by far been my favorite fundraiser yet. Not only is there great food, but the atmosphere resembles a backyard barbecue at home. Parents bring chicken and sausage to slater in seasoning and grill on a makeshift grill assembled using whatever is laying around. As the parents sell and cook the food the students will all play games on the malai (field). The game of choice this time around was cricket.


A father cutting the top of a metal barrel in order to use it as a grill. 


The end of the term saw a barrage of cricket tournaments hosted by the Samoan Cricket Union. We had 6 overall teams competing: 1 Girls years 7/8, 1 Boys years 7/8, 2 Girls years 4/5/6, 2 Boys years 4/5/6. Knowing little of the sport somehow I was picked as assistant coach. Over the course of two weeks I learned the game along side the kids and we had a great time. I was proud of how well our teams competed. We didn’t win the championship but our year 4/5/6 Girls did come in 2nd place.


Apolima is the fourth and smallest inhabited island of the Samoan chain. The island rests between Upolu and Savai’i. It is home to a modest population of under 200. The village itself rests on a small inlet that leads into the crater. In order to visit you must be invited, which makes Craig and my visit special. It is a difficult place to get to and I was extremely honored to have the chance. Look out for another post for more details about the visit.




Lastly, below you will find a few pictures that were taken over the month. The first is a picture of Tina, my cousin, “working hard” at raking the fresh cut grass. Next is students being dropped of at school. The third picture is of Craig, Meagen, and myself at the Reds vs. Blues game. This was the first professional rugby ever hosted in Samoa. The final picture is of my host father and I bobbing our heads to some music.



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