Photo Recap: August/September

Hey everyone! I apologize for my extended tardiness. I had a span of bad luck in the technology department. First my computer broke and then my IPhone was stolen, but hey, it’s all good. This little predicament has boded well for my neglected reading. Any who, let’s catch up!


Dave and I

Wow! was August really two months ago? I suppose so! Comparatively, the month of August was unremarkable. I played some field hockey, had my computer break, and watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones. (Crazy season am I right?) One weekend does stand out. I, along with Victoria our friend Jeff, visited fellow volunteer Dave on a long weekend. He lives in a remote village on the Northwestern coast of Savai’i. A ferry, a crammed bus with scrupulous amounts of groceries, and a few paces landed us upon the steps of his bright blue house. His home, humble in origins, was barely large enough to fit 2 people, but we were able to cram it with 4. It was actually quite fun as it almost felt like living inside a make shift fort.


The agenda for the weekend was very relaxed. We set aside time for beaching, catching up on Game of Thrones, going to church, and a dash of cooking.On one of the days we were able to hike down to the village’s secret beach with a group of Dave’s friends. The steep hike through the dense brush gave way to black volcanic rock protruding into crystal blue water and a blinding white sand beach. We were shocked at how undisturbed it was. We swam and spent time with the large group goofing around. I climbed trees, Victoria learned to weave, and Jeff took a few pictures. It was an amazing day.



20799999_10159261851705038_4970742961858135674_nAnother day we hired a taxi to take us to my favorite spot on all the islands. Falealupo Tai is a peninsula n the north reaches of Savai’i. A remote sand beach road is the only way in and out. Towering palms cast large shadows overhead leaving a stunning view. The taxi dropped us off at a fale resting on the beach. We set up camp and lounged the day away. The company of each other was all we needed, but when a pod of waves breached to say hello the day was made. This weekend will forever be one of my fondest memories of Samoa.


IMG_2763September blew by faster than the amount of time it takes to say the name of the month itself. The third term of school came to a close with volunteer group and I attending our close of service conference. This training is meant to prepare us for our return home in a few months. We were able to beef up our resumes, speak of our experiences, and put a touch of closure to a soon to be rounded out service in the Peace Corps. It was a pleasant week getting to spend time with those who have been through the grinder. Samoa for us has seen as many ups and downs as a rollercoaster can provide. I am extremely proud to have made it to the end with this group of hard knocks.

As soon as the conference concluded I boarded an airplane to Hawaii. I figured I should use the last of my vacation days and why not spend some time with my close friends Bentley and Cole. Big plans weren’t made for the week, but that was okay, as I just needed a tad of a breather.

Cool keeping it goofy

Good food, television, and company were to be had and no complaints were made on my side. Over the course of the seven days I was able to make some new friends, surf a few waves, eat some darn good poke, and even follow up on a few job leads. I was happy to also use this time to wade back into the waters that is American life. It proved to me that it will take some time to fully settle in when I return. At times it was difficult to listen to people complain of simple household things or keep up with the speed of the day. I suppose it will all comeback in do time. The wonderful flower pictures you see were taken on a stroll in the Waimea Valley, which leads to a waterfall.


As usual I will end with a few fun pictures from the past couple couple of months:




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